[From Shay w/Love] An Introduction Of Sorts

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So I had this idea

I have been wanting to set up my own lifestyle blog for AGES, and have finally taken the plunge. I have a massive passion for cooking, trying new restaurants, products that make my life easier, cosmetics, and my all time favorite, organizing. 

The goal is for this blog to be a resource, with a fun approach to everything related to the homemaker lifestyle and other items that will contribute to making your life and home more beautiful. Be it through DIY projects, home hacks to increase functionality or my thoughts on beauty products.

There will be regular and organized posts throughout the week for each section of the site.

A little more on what From Shay With Love is all about:

  • Food ~ My personal or tried, tweaked and true recipes/ Restaurant reviews/ Meal Prep Ideas.
  • Home Hacks ~ Tips for organizing, cleaning and everything in between to help create and maintain order! Trust me, you can do it and you’ll love it.
  • DIY ~ Whether you’re a hobbyist or you just love the art of “making” there is something here for everyone. But the best part is… IT WIL ALL BE BUDGET FRIENDLY. I mean, you’re already making it yourself, why spend an arm and leg doing it?
  • Inside & Out ~ Everything under the sun related to beauty and health.
  • Sip w/ Shay ~ Spirits or not, take a drink with me. Explore classic cocktail recipes, a kick-ass sangria or an awesome smoothie. Just relax and take a sip w/ me.
  • Party My mom taught me everything I know about being a great hostess; I’ll share those tips plus ideas for gatherings that you and your guests will love.
  • Blog~ From Updates to rants, from travel commentary to design inspiration. Anythings goes.