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DIY Swiffer WetJet Soultion

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I am in love with my Swiffer Wet Jet. The brand is a staple in my household. I find myself reaching for a dry cloth or my wetjet on the regular. But constantly buying the refills for the Swiffer…dry or wet…can add up. So I’ve already invested in microfiber cloths to use instead of the dry cloths. They’re durable and reusable. Can’t beat that.

I’m okay with purchasing the wetjet pads (I buy the off-brand and they work great, although you can us the microfiber cloths as well) but I didn’t want to spend the money on the cleaning solution. I can go through a bottle in one deep cleaning of my house. It was getting crazy expensive, so I wanted to share my other money saving solution(s), literally.

Here are a couple ways to make your own refill solution,

50% Water
50% White Distilled Vinegar
4-5 drops of dish soap

50% Water
50% White Distilled Vinegar
2 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender is my favorite!)

The solution bottle seems impossible to open if you try it with your hands, but I was able to get it off really easily with a large set of pliers. I had to put some force into turning it, if it doesn’t twist try soaking the top in hot water for about a minute. But make sure to screw the top on as tight as possible before inserting back into mop.