An Hour A Day- Scrabble Coasters

An Hour A Day- Scrabble Coasters

You’ve seen them, they’re everywhere on social media. Pinterest, tumblr even instagram. I plan on trying these soon, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

You’ll need:

  1.  Chose 16 four-letter words (four words for each coaster)
  2. Using the E-6000, glue each letter by row to cork. I tried to get a little glue in between each letter so they would adhere together neatly. Align top of first word to top of cork square.
  3. Continue glueing for each letter on each coaster, trying to keep letters in line and straight.
  4. Once each coaster is done, stack under a heavy book to ensure they dry flat.
    • If the pre-cut cork coasters are larger than the four letter grid, don’t worry. It is simple to trim cork after drying.
  5. Allow coasters to dry for 1 hour. Using sharp scissors or an X-acto knife, carefully trim excess cork from square.
  6. Place tiles on paper bag or newspaper. Follow directions on spray bottle of polyurethane to coat tiles. 2 layers should be perfect, let the first one dry for 10 mins before reapplying another coat!
    • This will help prevent water damage and leave the coasters with a nice semi-gloss shine.


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