Well Oiled Machine 101- A Place For Everything

Well Oiled Machine 101- A Place For Everything

When space is limited you tend to learn this lesson quickly. Coming from downtown, loft living in a 1920’s Victorian style home; storage space was non existent.

The women in my life would always preach about having a place for everything and putting everything in its place.  It is true, it makes life a lot easier. One problem is that we had accumulated too much stuff so that we have a difficult time keeping things in their places.

Work on clearing clutter and designating homes for regularly used items.

I know well how discouraging it can be to walk into a room and multiple things are sitting out. Disfunction in my home causes my anxiety to go through the roof. For me, I can’t function in chaos. Thinking about walking into a room where every item is in it’s rightful place calming. Don’t expect it to be spotless, but tidy and orderly is the goal!

There isn’t a magic pill or saying that will get the job done like we all wish, but there is one item that can push you in the right direction…..

A heavy duty garbage bag!

Clutter and disorganization stems from 2 main issues.

  1. Having too much stuff, much of which is not used or useful.
  2. Not having a home or system for putting things in place.

This magical contraption is your saving grace to solving issue number 1. Once you’ve obtained your bag, pick a room or area. The key is tackling one room/area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. I normally start with the room that once done, will show the biggest difference when completed.

Here are my  2 keys to successfully cutting the junk!

  • SPEED!!
    • Make decisions quickly- if you contemplate you’ll end up keeping items you don’t need!
  • Have additional bags on hand
    • If you have items that you may want to donate or are in the wrong place, bag it! the only things left that will be left in the area are what belong there.


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