Multi-purpose Mirror Boxes

Multi-purpose Mirror Boxes

Why spend 30 bucks when you can make them yourself for 5? Last week I’m was browsing Amazon… feeding my addiction.

I can’t be the only one addicted to shopping on amazon, right?

My mission was to find a couple of mirror boxes/vases that I’ve been seeing everywhere. Soo… no one told me they were were 30 bucks! I needed 8 for the idea I had in mind… Call me cheap, but, I was not going to pay $240 PLUS shipping.


I mean these are pretty, but not $30 pretty and I wanted some without the panels.


So fast forward to yesterday. I went to the Dollar Tree, to ball out of control.

DOLLAR TREE WE MADE IT!!! (Lavigne Life reference, Grapevine for life!!!)

To my surprise I found Square mirrors. Then it hit me, I can make the mirror boxes myself!!!


Heres how I did it…


What you’ll need:



  1. 5 square mirrors, per box
  2. hot glue gun
  3. glue sticks
  4. super glue (optional)





  • lay your base, mirror side up(the felt pads will prevent the boxes from scratching any surface!) and hold one of the mirrored pieces up to the edge of the base.
  • once you’re sure everything is even and level run a bead of hot glue along the seam where the edges meet.
  • Continue lining up and gluing the bottom and side edges of the mirrored pieces




I love these boxes in the bay window of my kitchen. The light reflects off of them beautifully and they compliment my vase. I only had time to do 2 last night but this weekend I’ll knock out the other 6 in no time!

Are you running out to your nearest dollar store yet?





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