Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray #TryDry #Sponsored #Influenster

Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray #TryDry #Sponsored #Influenster

Let’s face it– Arm pits sweat, and no one wants to be the tart one in the room.

I love receiving packages in the mail, especially when they are filled with products to try.



I was sent these 2 gems to try and review. one for me, one for my guy. We both had pretty much the same experience with the deodorant.

Firstly, the scent was refreshingly light. I am not a fan of deodorants with scents that are overpowering, and it seems to be more common in aerosol sprays. So that was a major plus in my book. Now, for the main attraction… “dry spray”. I was pleasantly surprised that the spray actually went on dry. Keep in mind to spray the described distance and do NOT spray a lot. If you don’t follow the directions the product can definitely spray on the wild side and become sticky on the skin.

The one and only con that I had was the wear. The biggest downfall was that it didn’t last as long as stated. I was able to wear it confidently for 8 hours, after that the fresh feeling diminished. If you are a person that works out often, this isn’t the product for you, on gym days you’ll probably get about 4- 6 hrs out of this before feeling the need to freshen up.

All in all, the sprays were decent. But, I wouldn’t purchase them on my own.


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