18 Father’s Day Gifts That DON’T SUCK!

18 Father’s Day Gifts That DON’T SUCK!

If you’re like me, then you find shopping for your dad almost impossible. It’s one of the trickiest gift-buying holidays. When he needs something, he usually buys it for himself, and there are only so many shirts and funny ties that one person can receive in their lifetime. With that said, I did a little research this year and I’ve scoured the web for some great goodies & even got a couple friends to weigh in on some of these to make sure they’re guy-approved! We’ve found 18 gifts for all kinds of dads, so click through to check out our roundup.

Well Groomed Dad 1 of 3

Whether he prefers a close shave or a full beard, keeping it right and tight is essential!

Shaving Kit With Monthly Automatic Blade Refresh, DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB, $40

Well Groomed Dad 2 of 3

Whether he prefers a close shave or a full beard, keeping it right and tight is essential!

Complete Beard Care Kit: OriginalMountaineer Brand, $38

Well Groomed Dad 3 of 3

Spoil dad with one of the most popular cologne lines from Creed. Let him experience base notes of Spanish oak moss, ambergris, and French vanilla!
Aventus Fragrance, Creed $195-$395

Cocktail Enthusiast Dad 1 of 3

Dad will have everything he needs to make his own 12 pack of brews. Beware, he may end up making them for the whole block! Unleash the chemist!
Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, $40-$45

Cocktail Enthusiast Dad 2 of 3

If your dad loves a great cocktail and vintage americana, he’ll LOVE this iconic mason jar shaker. The kit also includes a natural hardwood muddler and a stainless steel jigger.
Mason Shaker: The Barware Set, W&P Design, $49

Cocktail Enthusiast Dad 3 of 3

This mold and glass combo is an essential to anyone who enjoys a nightcap. An aesthetically pleasing way to keep your drink ice cold but not watered down. 
Whiskey Wedge, Corkcicle, $18

Fashion Forward Dad 1 of 3

Sire’s Crown Eyewear’s wooden frames have personality and personalization. Some designs can be created using a variety of woods while other frames are specific to one perfectly matched wood type. Let dad hone in on the designs that will compliment his face, eyes and personal style.
Wood Sun Eyewear, Sires, $295+

Fashion Forward Dad 2 of 3

When it comes to fashion and apparel, men are giving women a run for their money. Accessories like the men’s messenger bag are gaining variety and creating an immense effect among men. They are no longer a piece to carry your laptop and important documents, but a symbol for fashion status.
Rugged Leather Top Rod Brief, Wilson's Leather, $265

Fashion Forward Dad 3 of 3

The fifties fashion trend is still going strong, because it consisted of classic and structured pieces. The tailored man concentrates on the full look; head to toe. A classic pair of wing tipped shoes can be a staple, whether you dress them up or down. The power of the "wing” can transform your image.

The Gadget Dad 1 of 3

If you can swing the price, your father will be treated to a deluxe set of headphones that deliver an exceptional audio experience; that's well worth the price. Being that they're noise canceling, the QC25's are great for traveling, casual listening, and tuning you and the world out.
Quiet Comfort 25, Bose, $299

The Gadget Dad 2 of 3

On his special day, he can listen to his favorite vinyl and digital albums with the Crosley Cruiser. This turntable is MP3 player-ready. He can enjoy great sound quiality while feeling nostalgic anywhere due to it's portable design. 
CruiserCrosley, $99

The Gadget Dad 3 of 3

Be ready to accept "Alexa" as the new family member! From music, weather, shopping lists to helping turn on your fan the Amazon Echo can do it all.  
Echo, Amazon, $180 or 5 payments of $36

The Athletic/Sports Buff Dad 1 of 3

It doesn't matter if dad recently started his health journey or if he is a gym rat, the new FitBit Alta can compliment his lifestyle. With features that include SmartTrack, Call/Text & Calendar alerts and auto sleep tracking your father will be on top of it all.
Alta, FitBit, $130

The Athletic/Sports Buff Dad 2 of 3

This book can hold up to 118 tickets and the sleeves can hold any size stubs. From movie premieres, sporting events, even concerts. Give him a place to preserve and show off his memorabilia and memories!
Ticket Stub DiaryUncommon Goods, $12

The Athletic/Sports Buff Dad 3 of 3

Of course attending a game and spending  quality time with Dad is always a great idea. You'll never go wrong with a gift of baseball, football,or basketball tickets, especially if it's for his favorite team -- and includes good seats. You could even sign him up for race car lessons or indoor skydiving.

The Traveling Dad 1 of 3

For those long flights, treat dad with a well made, cocktail. Everyone knows that in-flight cocktails are subpar and obnoxiously expensive. The Carry-on Cocktail Kit provides all the ingredients needed to whip up his very own Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, or Old Fashioned.
Carryon Cocktail Kit, W&P Designs, $24

The Traveling Dad 2 of 3

Not shaken, but stirred! This electric mug warmer, stirs your drink to optimize flavor. Great for on-the-go dads.
USB Electric Coffee Mug, TomTop, $13

The Traveling Dad 3 of 3

A leather luggage tag is for people who have their travel act together. It also looks so much better than paper tags and are more durable. Choose from any of their great designs and help his luggage stand out.
Carryon Cocktail Kit, Owen & Fred, $40-70

Remember, Father’s Day is on 19th of June. So you have plenty of time to get your ideas together.

Below let me know what you think of the list and what you plan to get your old man!!


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