Your Secret Weapon For QUICK Clean Ups!

Your Secret Weapon For QUICK Clean Ups!

Unannounced guests?

Running late for your lunch date?

Forgot you were hosting the movie night?

No worries, I have a great tip for you!! If your home is anything like mine, clutter is the reason rooms get messy. I would always tell myself that I’m going to make a better effort putting items back in the designated place. This would cut back on time spent deep cleaning.

So much frustration comes when I’m cleaning and I realize I have slippers in the kitchen and my wireless keyboard in the laundry room. This may or may not be an exaggeration, if it’s not, NO JUDGEMENTS! You’ve never wonder “What the heck is THIS doing in HERE?” while cleaning?

A friend suggested this concept to me and I am living proof that it works. So why not share the love, right?


Now I must admit The first couple of weeks it was a catch all bin for everything downstairs. Don’t act like I’m the only one who has stuffed miscellaneous items in a container and shoved it in a closet…

I’m not the only one… Am I? 

Once I got the hang of the routine it knocks down my rushed cleaning time dramatically!!

So here’s how it works:

Start at one end of the house and spot clean as necessary. Once you come across any item that doesn’t belong in the current room you’re cleaning toss it in the basket. When you move to the next room, remove any item that belongs there and continue to spot clean. You go room to room repeating the process, adding and removing items from the basket while you straighten up.

Once you’re finished there may be a few stragglers, and you can put those up in the final walk through. Once you get used to the process you will realize just how much time you’ve wasted running back and forth from room to room. I’ve gotten to the point now where I do this every couple of days and the difference is remarkable.

Thank me later.


What is your “go to” method when you need to rush clean? I would love to know in the comments below!


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