Been Gone For a Minute… Now I’m Back With The Jumpoff!!!

Been Gone For a Minute… Now I’m Back With The Jumpoff!!!

Building the nerve to write this post has caused my anxiety to go into OVERDRIVE. Mainly because I’m ashamed and disappointed in myself for falling off. In the 3 years since I’ve posted last, life happened. Which isn’t an excuse because this blog is a version of therapy for me, that I ran from.

I’ve lost…

  • Family
    • 2 Uncles (within 2 weeks of each other)
    • A great-aunt
    • a grandmother
  • A Job
    • Technically, I decided that my happiness and mental health were way more important than shady and ILLEGAL business practices. Granted, I always had freelance work that paid, and paid WELL might I add. But health insurance is extremely expensive when you work for yourself, so I keep a 9-5 to lighten that financial burden. I just couldn’t allow that place to continuously dim my light. So, I gave a 2 day notice and walked. One of the best decisions I have ever made.
  • Relationships
    • It sucked at first, but I’m happier than ever now! He is literally one of my best friends.
    • Let some “friends” go as well. You have to let people go who are only in your life for seasons. No love lost, I just have to move different and protect my space.

With so many downs, I was beginning to think that this was going to be the norm for me. I was wrong.

It took some time but I started to see the silver linings in every “low point” in the last 3 years. I now have a great job with an incredible company, and my freelance work is BOOMING. Although, I am going through this moving process, AGAIN. The excitement is overwhelming because the new area(s) I am considering, mean easier access to events and social gatherings; in return means new clients!

More Clients=More contracts= More Money


So, I said all of that to say, there will be some changes coming to the site. Currently I am working on a new layout that will hopefully premier before my birthday.

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

I will have more diary/mind dump/rant posts. I have to clear my head someway and why not share whats going on in my life, to an extent, with my readers! You never know what someone is going through and if my experiences, coping mechanisms or lessons learned can help someone, my purpose in this life is fulfilled.

Let me know what you would like to see as well. I’m open to suggestions, comments and critique.

I am beyond grateful and excited to get back into the swing of things!
I hope you are ready as well, it is about to get a little crazy…

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