Top 10 Amazon Purchases During Quarantine

Top 10 Amazon Purchases During Quarantine

Acknowledging the problem is the first step right? That is the advice they give people with addictive personalities. So here is goes…

My name is Shay, and I have an Amazon addiction.

I’m in a space where everything is SELF

  • Self reflection
  • self care
  • self accountability
  • etc.

With all this “self-ing” it inspired change and with change, I needed new shit🤷🏾‍♀️. Since April 3rd, I have made 16 orders through Amazon. With the influx of packages due to 3am epiphanies, each one has helped me either organize or become self efficient during this pandemic. 98% of the items I’ve purchased have been HITS and I wanted to spread a little love and positive energy to each and every one of you.

In the last 5 years I’ve learned that you never know what type of information you can share that can be life changing for another individual. So, since the money is long gone and these items have NOT been returned I figured, WHY NOT SHARE?!

I’ll break these 10 essential Amazon Finds into categories; Beauty, Home, Work and Health. Enough with all the preface yapping; Here’s my list BAYBEHHH!


I sought out for new Polygel Builder Gel because I was running low on the stock of Gellen brand that Ive been using for over a year. Pretty much gave up on going to nail salons a while back just because I felt like it was a ripoff, but that’s a soapbox for another day. I thoroughly enjoy these gels being in a tube rather than the small containers that Gellen provides. Makes for easy application and manageability. They work very well and lasts a good while. If you want to step the lasting quality invest in a nail prep duo. A dehydrator and bonding agent makes the gel set last 3+ weeks. I used the one from ModelOnes, you can get it HERE.

If you’ve been on TikTok lately you’ve seen videos on this product. I’m not going to lie, this was a shot in the dark purchase. Didn’t believe it worked as well as people portrayed it. But lawwwddddd hammercy, I was SHOOK at the amount of dead skin it removed just after one use. I was skipping around feeling like a newborn baby. The gloves DO shrink down but that doesn’t change the effectiveness. I’ve since ordered the larger pack and they should be here any day now.


In the midst of trying to make cooking at home easier. I opted to take the thought out of breakfast in the mornings and ordered this boiled egg maker. Usually the night before I make a full basket of eggs and I’m set for 2 or more days, depending on my meal prep menu. Avocado toast has been a staple in my house for some time now and this just stepped the game up for me. There are already plenty of variations with the dish and now I can concentrate on how bougie💁🏾 I want to make my toast. When it comes to doneness I am VERY particular about how I like my eggs cooked and this little piece of heaven cooks them perfectly every time. No guess work, just set it and forget it. Mmmmmm.

Staying in the realm of meal prepping, I’ve dabbled into the world of Keto/Low Carb. Not necessarily to lose weight but I saw a documentary on wheat and flour and became truly disgusted. Now the flesh is weak and I do still indulge in the occasional carb fest but it few and far between. I rambled all that just to say that I’ve been on a chaffle kick and this gem has been a life saver!! I will be uploading my Spicy Chicken and strawberry chaffle recipe soon, once it’s posted I’ll link it in this post. But, its DELICIOUS! If you’re looking for some of the recipes I’ve tried check out My [Pinterest] Addiction posts as well.

There’s nothing like walking into your home or a room and you’re immediately taken aback by the smell of freshness. I am a sucker for a clean, fresh and cozy scented candle. But once I discovered Essential Oil Diffusers, I haven’t looked back. From time to time I will still light one but it is on a rare occasion. I ordered this pack of diffusers for the two bathrooms upstairs to complete the mission of having a diffuser in every room. These pack a lot of power so they will be great in any room in your home as well. Trust me.


Ok, I know I can’t be the only one who, at times, just doesn’t want to get out of bed for those bullshit video conference calls or to check work emails in the morning. Call me lazy but this bed tray/table has made blogging and working on the fly convenient; especially on the days I don’t have the motivation to go work in my office downstairs. It fits my 15in MacBook, mouse and iPad or notepad easily and folds up flat. Couldn’t ask for anything better. (You can also use it as an eating tray for the nights or mornings when the main goal is to binge watch a show and have a dope ass meal…. in bed.)

With office/clerical work, you need comfort. Being a person that suffers from chronic sciatica pain, I needed a cushion that helped align my spine to relieve pressure from sitting for hours in the same position. This helps in my office chair, on the couch and even in bed if I’m sitting up working or watching TV. It’s even helped on long car rides if my sciatic nerve has already been aggravated. I keep one in the car, just in case. The gel infused memory foam was a game changer for me. This one works better than the one ordered by my doctor and it was cheaper, WIN WIN!


With staying home and no gym I am grouping the last 3 together.

Unless you’ve been under a ROCK you’ve heard of the Sweet Sweat line of waist trimmers. These are backed by thousands of great reviews and I was in need of a belt that would help me sweat more with the limited workouts I can do from home with no equipment. So far so good and by good I mean AMAZING. Results come from work. If you’re thinking to get this belt and with hopes of your waist snatching itself, good luck. I use this as an enhancement to take my workouts to another level.

The resistance bands make every exercise burn, they aren’t the best quality but they work. I will invest in a new set once I reach my next goal. If you’re a beginner, like me, these will definitely put you on the right track.

Little known fact, I was in a jump rope club back in my grade school days. But with age and weight these knees aren’t what they used to be. I mean, they WORK. But I’m no Megan The Stallion or Ciara. Jumping rope was the exercise I needed but didn’t KNOW I needed. It breaks up the mundane cardio on the treadmill or elliptical and it burns a lot more calories for ME. Couldn’t be more happier with my workout equipment.

I hope you enjoyed my list just as much as I enjoyed putting you on to my go-to items during quarantine. What are you ordering? Are you spending or saving during the pandemic? What was the best thing you purchased in the last 2 months?
Let’s talk!

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